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Coiled Line Pipe Onshore Applications

The innovative solution for oil, gas and water gathering systems and transmission lines

“Coiled Line Pipe is a continuously milled length of steel tubing. The pipe is externally coated in line before spooling and final testing. It is ideally suited for well tie-ins, long flowlines and pipelines. Coiled Line Pipe allows for a project to be completed without field welding.”

Why Use Coiled Line Pipe?

• 100% compatible with other steel pipe
• Safer, faster and much less costly installation than any alternative
• Industry-leading QHSE, recognized by API Q1 and an API 5LCP monogram (License #0004)
• Long, continuous pipe lengths can be utilized in directional bore pulls or in river crossings for quick and less risky deployment
• State-of-the-art coatings provide unrivalled protection in any terrain

coiled line pipe coating

coiled line pipe process

Coating Manufacturing

Three-layer pipe coating systems for the exterior protection of steel pipelines have been used in the oil and gas industry for more than 20 years. The three-layer systems offer the advantages of mechanical, chemical and electrical resistance of the polyolefin top-coat in combination with the excellent adhesion of epoxy to metal. The standard system being offered by Global Tubing for coiled line pipe consists of the following:

• A fusion bonded epoxy primer applied to a prepared steel surface
• An adhesive copolymer tie layer
• An extruded polyolefin top-coat (typically high-density polyethylene or alternatively polypropylene for high-temperature applications) as required to achieve the required total coating thickness.

The Global Tubing coating manufacturing layout is the most advanced system in the world and utilizes a fully integrated milling and coating operation.

Global Tubing’s Coiled Line Pipe system delivers unrivalled value to the demanding E&P industry by saving over 20% on the project’s installed cost and not compromising on quality, delivery or HSEQ impact.

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